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Bhavesh Lakhani

Bhavesh Lakhani

Chief Technology Officer at SBI Mutual Fund

Bhavesh is an accomplished Business and Technology leader with over 20+ years of experience in strategizing and leading banking and financial services organizations. He has a knack in leading successful transformation of organisations by leveraging existing and emerging technologies, uncovering opportunities, and directing strategies to develop leading-edge products, improve operations and directly improve top and bottom line. He has deep expertise in business management strengthened by his intellectual curiosity and real-world technical experience, providing the foundation for next-generation ideas, development, and implementation.

He has a strong educational background with Masters in Computer Engineering from WSU, Michigan and BE in Electronics (Hons) from the University of Mumbai along with various industry certifications and leadership accolades.

His major areas of expertise include Business Intelligence & Data Monetization, Digital Strategy & Transformation, Software Engineering & Delivery, Information & Cyber Security, Data Center Management and Strategy & Alliance Management.