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Andrew Wild

Meet India’s Youngest Drone Wiz- Harshwardhan Zala

Innovation knows no boundaries- and yet, if the boundary presents itself in the guise of age- well, Harshwardhan surely knows how to destroy it!

Harshwardhan Zala, a 16-year-old student hailing from Gujarat, isn’t just another teenager figuring out his life. He is a Smart Tech Developer, Inventor, Programmer, Tinkerer, Mentor and Speaker. He is the founder and CEO of Aerobotics7, a technological start-up that focuses on designing and developing smart drones known as EAGLE A7 which can not only detect but also defuse landmines in war fields.

The child prodigy’s first invention came out at the age of 10 when he created a remote-control which could be used to control and operate home appliances wirelessly. He is driven by the zeal to make this world a safer place by nurturing innovation and by building advanced products for better life.

He has worked with Indian army and CRPF, and has also been invited by the South Korean Military for the demonstration of his drone. Recently, he became the only Asian to receive International Peace Award from a Nobel laureate. He is also a recipient of Billion Acts Hero Award 2017, Shining World Invention Award 2018 and has been the youngest speaker at TEDx talks, and various national and international conferences.

Harshwardhan is reshaping the dynamics of smart technologies, unlocking new possibilities by relying on incremental innovation and transforming the digital future.